Water And Wastewater Treatment

Dehloran Utility

Dehloran utility projectProject progress bar60%60%Subject Raw Water Treatment Plant (24,000 m³/day) Demin Water Treatment Plant (1,152 m³/day) Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (1,968 m³/day) Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plant (110 m³/day) Feed…

Mobarakeh Steel Co.

Mobarakeh Steel Co.progress bar79%79%SubjectChilled Water Production Plant (PU77) Capacity 64.800m3/day LocationEsfahan About the project: Project images
chilled water

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. Biological Wastewater

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. Biological Wastewaterprogress bar30% of 30%30% of 30%SubjectBiological Wastewater Treatment plant(A2/O Method) Capacity 21,600 m3/day SourceRaw Sanitary Wastewater (shahin shahr) LocationEsfahan

Southern Adish Gas Condensate Refinery Co.

Southern Adish Gas Condensate Refinery Co.progress bar50%50%Subject Wastewater Treatment Capacity 864m3/day SourceOily Wastewater and Raw Sanitary Wastewater LocationAsaluyeh
gas condensate refinery co

Abadan Oil Refining Co.

Abadan Oil Refining Co.progress bar50%50%SubjectWater Treatment plant SourceBahman-Shir River TargetIndustrial Water Production Capacity16,800m3/day LocationKhuzestan-Abadan

Esfahan Oil Refining Co.

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. progress bar50%50%SubjectWastewater Reuse Capacity10,800m3/day SourceOily Wastewater, Cooling Tower blowdown, Boiler blowdown Industrial Wastewater TargetIndustrial Water Production LocationEsfehan Project images

Shazand Petrochemical Co.

Shazand Petrochemical Co.progress bar0%0%SubjectWastewater Reuse by EDR SourceIndustrial Wastewater TargetIndustrial Water Production Capacity11,520m3/day LocationArak
shazand petrochemical

Entekhab Petrochemical Co.

Entekhab Petrochemical Co.progress bar50%50%SubjectWastewater Reuse Source Industrial Wastewater TargetIndustrial Water Production Capacity1,200m3/day LocationAsaluyeh Project images

Kermanshah Petrochemical Co.

Kermanshah Petrochemical Co.progress bar50%50%SubjectWastewater Treatment and Reuse By ZLD & Water Treatment Source of WaterRiver Source of WastewaterKermanshah Petrochemical Plant Process Reject (Urea & Ammonia) TargetIndustrial Water Production and Zero…
Kermanshah Petrochemical Co.

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. ZLD

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. ZLDprogress bar5%5%SubjectZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) SourceCCRO Unit Effluent Capacity1200m3/day LocationEsfahan
ZLD esfahan