Neka Power Generation Management Co. (Shahid Salimi)

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Neka Power Generation Management Co. (Shahid Salimi)

Absan Zalal Company as the first and largest manufacturer (design and manufacture company) of advanced water purification systems (RO, UF, NF), ion exchange systems, pressure tanks, sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment systems and with a brilliant history in Oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel and mining industries, which design and implementation of the Caspian Sea water desalination project by RO reverse osmosis method for Shahid Salimi power plant with a capacity of 6000 cubic meters per day (EPC) can be considered as one of the successful Most of the projects of this company pointed out that its purified water is used to supply boilers of Shahid Salimi power plant.

Caspian sea desalination design by reverse osmosis method

The Neka (Shahid Salimi) power generation project is about the design, construction, installation and operation of the sea water desalination system in order to meet the water needs of the Shahid Salimi Neka power plant located on the coast of the Caspian Sea and 22 kilometers north of Neka city.

The source of water entering the treatment plant is the Caspian Sea water, which, when entering the supplementary treatment unit, goes through the conventional pre-treatment steps and enters the reverse osmosis unit for sweetening. The final capacity of the treatment plant is equal to 6000 cubic meters per day, and at this stage, the output capacity of the sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) unit is equal to 6667 cubic meters per day.

Project achievements

  • The first desalination project from sea water using the reverse osmosis method at the power plant level
    The first UF-DIRECT in Iran
    Reduction of extraction from water wells
    Removing the production limitation due to the low quality of well water
    A significant reduction in the consumption of chemicals in the treatment plant
    Increasing network stability

executive elements

Employer Shahid Salimi Electricity Production Company

The main contractor of Absun Zolal Company



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