Dehloran utility project

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About the project

Dehloran Petrochemical Company (D.P.C) as OWNER is intended to develop an Olefin Plant in Dehloran Petrochemical Complex, using treated C2+ as main feed from NGL3100 plant. The Dehloran petrochemical complex will be located in Dasht-e Akbar, 15 km south east of Dehloran city, on Dehloran – Andimeshk Rd. in Ilam province, west of Iran. The olefin plant will produce polymer grade ethylene and propylene as main products.

The main sections of the plant are:

  • Feed splitting (separation) section
  • Steam cracking furnace
  • Wash water & process steam system
  • Cracked gas compressor
  • Precooling, drying & hydrogenation
  • Cryogenic distillation section (cold section)
  • Utility system (dedicated for olefin plant)
  • Process storage and export facilities

Project images

Utility project of Isfahan Oil Refinery Company