Nutshell Filter

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Nutshell Filter

Nut Shell filtration is a water polishing technology used to remove hydrocarbon liquids from water down to very low concentrations) in some cases < 3 ppm). With the tightening of environmental standards and more stringent client requirements, the oil removal technologies previously used do not always meet the standards required resulting in the installation of technologies like Nut Shell Filters.
Nut Shell Filters are commonly used as tertiary water treatment (or water polishing) devices and are therefore, installed downstream of other produced water treatment equipment such asDeoiler Hydrocyclones and Gas Flotation units

Design Basis

A Nut Shell Filter system typically includes a number of Components:

• Nut Shell media

• Nut Shell Filter vessel

• Agitator or alternative media displacement equipment

• Switching valves

• PLC / DCS control logic

Nut Shell Filters are generally designed with all equipment mounted on a single, compact skid for rapid installation and start up.

The size of the Nut Shell Filter vessel depends on a number of factors including:

• Operating conditions

• Produced water properties

• Filter capacity

• Inlet oil concentration

• Outlet specifications

Process Description
Nut Shell Filters are designed to remove fine solids and hydrocarbon liquids from water as a secondary or tertiary stage of water treatment. Oily water is introduced into the vessel and distributed to ensure even flow throughout the vessel. As the water flows through the vessel the Nut Shell media adsorbs the oil and fine solids allowing clean water to exit the vessel.
Nut Shell Filters are typically used to achieve outlet oil concentrations of < 5 ppmv, although concentrations down to < 1 ppmv can be achieved.Nut Shell Filters are also capable of removing particulate solids down to 3 microns in size.
During operation, oily water enters the vessel and flows through the Nut Shell media. The media physically adsorbs the oil and fine solids and prevents these from passing through the vessel. Over time the oil and fine solids accumulates on the media. To regenerate the filter media, vessel flow is reversed thereby washing the adsorbed oil and fine solids off the media.
There are several methods of regenerating Nut Shell Filters. These methods all require the backflow of the produced water and a physical disturbance of the Nut Shell media bed, whether with an agitator or physical motion of the Nut Shell media. This movement displaces the media bed and releases the filtered oil and fine solids from the media.

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Nutshell Filter water treatment

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